Customized, flexible services from professionals with
real-world experience. 

Leverage best practices in accounting, 报告, 控制, 工资, and processes by outsourcing your financial management or accounting functions on a temporary or long-term basis. Working as an extension of existing staff, your advisors 将 become engrained in the business and understand your specific goals and challenges. This results in management and accounting services customized to your unique needs, allowing you to focus on day-to-day business operations and make more informed decisions. 

Your internal staff 将 benefit from working alongside seasoned professionals who can provide direction, answer questions and share knowledge garnered from years of hands-on experience. You 将 always have the flexibility to choose the level of service desired. And your dedicated engagement team work onsite or remotely (if preferred)—on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. 

Leveraging a CFO Transition

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Outsourced Financial Management

Fractional CFO / Controller / Finance Director

  • Strategic plan consulting
  • Financial and tax strategy consulting 
  • Banking relationship assistance
  • Insurance and risk review
  • Auditor, board, and investor relations assistance and participation
  • 首席执行官顾问
  • Contract and vendor management assistance
  • Best practices implementation
  • Finance staff mentoring and coaching
  • 月底结束 assistance
  • Budgeting process assistance
  • Metrics and KPIs recommendations
  • Internal 控制 improvements
  • Revenue and cash flow forecasting
  • Financial statement improvement
  • Debt activity and compliance assistance
  • 会计 systems review and enhancement
  • Employee benefit plan review

BOLD denotes CFO functions

会计 服务

Bookkeeping and Financial Statement Preparation

  • Monthly or quarterly accounting
  • 月底结束
  • Financial statement preparation and compilations
  • A/R and A/P processing
  • State and federal 报告 requirements
  • Sales and use tax filings
  • Fixed asset schedule preparation and upkeep
  • Other accounting records management
Payroll 服务

Consulting and Preparation

  • General 工资 consulting
  • Payroll processing
  • Payroll tax return filings
  • Form 1099 preparation
  • Multi-state withholding (mobile workforce or remote work)
  • Payroll tax credits
  • Federal and state agency notice support
  • Employee fringe benefit taxation
  • Payroll tax planning and forecasting
  • Payroll system consulting
  • Buy-side transaction 工资 tax due diligence
  • TPA services for 401(k)
  • Payroll accounting
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Guide to 会计 and Management Outsourcing




Payroll Compliance Checklist:
Are You In Compliance?


AMO Leadership Team


AMO Practice Lead | Fractional CFO | Fractional 服务 Team Leader

Courtney Baskette, CPA

会计 服务 Team Leader

Melissa Doumbia

Fractional Finance Director | Payroll 服务 Team Leader


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订阅 the Transaction Abstract

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